When Meditation Helps Find Clarity

Recently I received this email from a long-time reader of my newsletter:


So you would be so proud of me – and I owe this to you! I did some meditating today as I found myself anxious and unaware of what I was so antsy about. I realized I didn’t want to go to Paris with my friend J….I wanted to go with my husband D! I was struggling with this, as it was the first time D ever suggested I go on an adventure alone (and I wanted to encourage that!!) but I knew it would not be the same without him.

I met up with my mom for a walk this afternoon and it was as if she read my mind. Before I said anything to her, she said, “Why don’t you and D plan a trip in May for your anniversary and I’ll watch the kids.” It was like I illicited all sorts of good karma to this situation….so……D and I are going to plan a trip (probably to Paris) for our 10th anniversary in May, and J is fine with it and will go with another friend in March. I don’t think I would’ve thought to meditate (which is so very very hard for me to do, by the way) if I hadn’t read your Newsletter. I want you to know you are helping people by just sending out that newsletter….THANK YOU

As I read this email, my eyes filled with tears. I was truly touched by her words and pleased that meditation helped her find the clarity she needed during her time of stress. Even with the increasing popularity of meditation, it is still a practice that “scares” many people. Meditation, when it comes right down to it, is sitting and breathing. That’s it. The quiet often stirs thoughts, things we may not want to deal with at that moment. As you can see from the example above, meditation can provide answers needed to alleviate anxious or uncertain feelings.

The writer and I exchanged a couple of emails about the experience and I learned, too, that before she sat to meditate she found herself reaching for food. She noticed the correlation – anxious feelings and food – recognized that she wasn’t hungry and instead reach for a more effective and practice – meditation. If only we all recognized this correlation perhaps we would live in a world with less stress about our eating habits.

Will she continue to meditate regularly? That I don’t know. I hope she remembers the success of this experience and reaches for meditation the next time she needs it instead of food or something else.

Life doesn’t always hand us easy to solve problems, sometimes more time and more action is needed. Often a little peace and quiet – sitting without any distraction – can help, even if you only have a few minutes. Sometimes it’s that stirring within that needs to be stirred and released, not stuffed, in order to “let it flow” and continue moving in a forward direction.

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  • Leanna

    Great post. I sometimes find myself not wanting to shut off the “noise” of life – radio, phone, computer, even books and knitting – to just sit for a bit and see what comes up. It can be uncomfortable at first but is always beneficial.

  • http://www.workhappynow.com Karl Staib – Work Happy Now

    I’m a huge fan of meditation. My thoughts go spinning all around and I get a little overwhelmed, that’s when I practice Yoga and/or meditation. It helps me slow down and appreciate where I am at. By centering my thoughts I can feel the beauty again.

  • http://www.TheBoldLife.com Tess The Bold Life

    When you get emails like these that’s when you know you’re in the right place doing what you were born to do. What an affirmation this is for the blessing you are in the world. We often think we need fame, money or to be acknowledged publicly, for the work we do. Now there’s nothing wrong with these things but I believe that’s our ego constantly telling us we are not enough, we don’t do enough and we don’t have enough.

    You are making a powerful difference in the lives of many. We never know who we touch or how many but because of the internet we are able to reach so many more than we ever thought we could. Thanks for being the person you are and sharing your gifts so freely.

  • http://evolvingbeings.com Evita

    Hello Stacey

    What a moving email indeed!

    Isn’t it amazing what clarity of thinking one can achieve through the process of meditation. I really truly believe it works from personal experience too. I find now also that even though I don’t at the moment meditate on a regular basis, just a calm way of living brings in a lot of clarity.

    I recently heard Bruce Lipton speak about how when we live in constant stress and fear, we actually from a physiological perspective lose the ability to think clearly and consciously. We only maintain a reflex to react. And those reactions of course are coming from a very basic reflex of survival, instead of growth and clear thinking.

    So if one is stressed (which in one way or another we can all benefit from this) I highly recommend meditation as it definitely brings us back to a space and point where we can think clearly and consciously.

    And you are so right, we really never know who and how we touch….

  • Joyce

    The right words to read at the absolutely right time.

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