FGL TV: Enjoy the Silence, Interview with Jennifer Kauffman, Local Business Coach

In this episode of Feel Good Living TV I interview local business coach, Jennifer Kauffman about how she benefits from a quiet sitting practice.  The benefits of a silent practice are hard to quantify and something you have to truly experience to believe. In this segment Jen shares her struggles, how she overcame them as well as some of the benefits she’s experienced both personally and professionally as a result of her practice.  And I might add, her practice is different depending on her needs: sometimes she focuses on her breathing in more of a meditation, sometimes she visualizes her day, sometimes she seeks answers to a question.  Whichever form of silence she chooses, she says her productivity goes up on those days.

You may not think you don’t have time for a silent practice, but the truth is, you may be missing out on more by not having one.  Listen and watch the interview below.

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  • http://evolvingbeings.com Evita

    Hi Stacey

    Great interview with Jennifer. I like how you brought out how Jennifer made a transition into meditation from nothing to making it a regular practice. I think this helps a lot of people because most of us think that we have to jump right into things, when in fact the most lasting changes, come in slowly. Waking up at 5am may also not jive with everyone, but what she shows is that each one of us has the time, it just all depends on our choices and priorities each day.

    I do not meditate regularly at this point in my life in the traditional sense of the word, but I always take time for moments of stillness. As Jennifer said she had stress and was intense in how she approached her days. For me, because I am easy going and have a slow paced pattern in life, my practice as it is right now seems to work well for me.

    This is so good to share with people because I think many people still underestimate the power of stillness and/or meditation. And I like that you highlight that it does not cost anything. This is perhaps the one activity that can heal and help us and everyone can do it and afford it.

    Thank you for presenting this interview.

  • http://www.jungleoflife.com Lance

    Stacey and Jennifer,
    So…I bounce around with this … and in really *making* the time to do it. Some days that’s easy….some days…not so easy. What I take away here – is just the idea of – even in those days where it seems like a strain – to just “do it”. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, it all helps toward really making this a habit.

    Anyway, great to hear, firsthand, about starting this out – and really the life benefits that have come from it!

  • http://staceyshipman.com Stacey Shipman

    Hi Evita and Lance – thanks for taking the time to watch/listen. I truly believe silence can heal so many things! I have more to say about it in future posts.

    Lance – I’m not sure it’s really about “just doing it”…there is more to it than that. Silence is hard, support is critical (in my opinion!) I’ll be writing more in the near future. I do agree that every few minutes helps, if you’re ready for this type of practice. But maybe you find silence in a different way to start…

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