What’s Your SuperPower? & A Contest

Do you have a “super power”?  When I was little I wanted to be like the wonder twins, hit fists with my sister and turn into something that could save the world.  Alas, I do not have that power, though I have developed my strengths in other areas.  Do you know what your “superpower”  might be?

Today I share a short interview with career strategist Karl Staib of Work Happy Now about developing your own superpowers to live your passions.  At the end Karl announces a great giveaway opportunity you won’t want to miss! Enjoy.

Karl Staib Work Happy Now

What does it means to develop your “superpowers” and live your passions?

We all have superpowers that separate us from the crowd. It’s these powers that make people want to work with you. I worked along side a co-worker whose superpower was organization. She could put together 10 people’s ideas into a cohesive report. I’m still amazed by this superpower.

As a person builds a career they need to see what skills they are passionate about. It’s combining our skills and strengths to create superpowers that help us live our passions.

From Stacey:  I’ve identified my strength as teaching feel good living and I’m very passionate about it! Developing strengths instead of focusing on “weakness” is a critical component to success.

What are the benefits of developing these superpowers?  What if you don’t develop them?

Superpower development helps fuel creativity. We are all creative beings that need to make ourselves and other people happy. For example, that’s why Neil Young writes music. He uses his skills and passions to develop his happiness. Through this process he aligned his happiness with others. So it’s a win win.

Skills are developed when you address any fear that holds you back. This is much easier said than done. I know this. Fear has crippled my motivation and actions to the point of depression. It can be a vicious cycle.  We need to build a strong foundation that gives us confidence to do what we love.

From Stacey: I think even if we can’t do work we love, having activities outside of work are critical to feed our passions and spirit. Your skills are useful in all aspects of your life!  And I might add, confidence is a big part of feel-good living.

What can I do to start developing my powers and living my passions today?

Start small. A lot of us are afraid to start a project because we don’t break it down into small chunks that make the process seem possible. Every big project is overwhelming at first unless we slowly chip away at it.

Create a plan. That’s why my clients hire me – to develop a plan that is geared toward their passions and their skills.  This plan will help you stay focused on what makes you stand out in your career.

From Stacey:  I recently wrote a post, Start Where You Are, addressing to some extent the notion of starting small.  Taking giant steps can be overwhelming.  I find it helpful to have a big goal in mind, and then create a baby steps plan.

Karl, What’s your superpower?

My superpower is teaching. I assimilate problems, find solutions and teach others how to use these techniques in their career.  I do this because I want everyone to improve their creativity and make this world a happier place. It’s really that simple for me.

From Stacey: I love simplicity!  Thank you Karl for sharing more about your work and your beliefs.  We all have strengths that can be used in a positive way.


Karl is generously offering two free Superpower Coaching Sessions for one lucky winner who leaves a a heartfelt and passionate comment on Karl’s blog.  Click here to leave your comment and participate in the contest.  Contest ends at midnight on May 14th.  Winners will be announced on Karl’s blog the following week.

About Karl: Karl Staib helps people develop their career superpowers at Work Happy Now! If you enjoyed this interview, you may like to subscribe to his Free 10 week E-course or follow him on Twitter.
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