Stretch Break! For your Face

Welcome back to the weekly Stretch Break! Today’s stretch is for your face.  Do you ever notice you clench your jaw or furrow your brow when you’re thinking or involved deeply in a project?  It’s important to relieve tension from the face to keep your skin smooth, and wrinkles away. Not to mention, it just plain feels good and helps you relax all over.

This one is a little silly, get ready to open your mouth wide.  It is one of my favorites, though, and at the very least you’ll get a good laugh.

As always, remember the Stretch Break! is designed for the average healthy person.  Please consult a physician before beginning this or any exercise program.

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  • Hilary

    Hi Stacey… loved it .. thanks for showing us that .. and the tip about keeping our mouth slightly open so it doesn’t tense up again .. I’ll be practising it .. the eyebrows – well?! Together yes .. but I didn’t have your Dad teach me ..?!

    Bye – have a great weekend .. Hilary

  • Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord

    Hey, I can do that eyebrow thing, too!

    I loved this! I did it along with you and thought, “Wow, that does feel good!” Thanks, Stacey! I love these stretch breaks!

  • Chris Edgar

    Thanks Stacey — this strikes me as such an important exercise. So much tension gets stored up in the jaw, in my experience, and working with the jaw and the rest of the face can free up areas in the rest of the body as well. I get that you totally had fun with this one and I enjoyed your smile at the beginning.

  • Stacey Shipman

    Hi Hilary – Thanks – this is a fun one and one of my favorites, it really does feel good! Maybe I’ll take my dad on a world tour to teach the eyebrow trick!

    Megan – Ha ha! I knew we had so much in common!

    Chris – Thanks – yes, the face holds so much and is often ignored, hopefully this sheds some light on freeing us up!

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