Stretch Break! Seated Chair Twist

The weekly Stretch Break! is created to provide a bit of relief during an otherwise stressful day. Sometimes you don’t have time to get away from your desk – I understand.  At the same time, moving your body and relieving the physical tension that builds is critical to not only your health but your ability to focus and remain productive. If you’re in pain, where is your focus?  Most likely on the pain and not on your work.

Each week I’ll post a short video or audio designed to help you relieve stress by introducing you to a variety of techniques you can use right from your desk.  No more excuses!  Because I believe what you do before and after work counts, too, some of these breaks will include activities you can do to start your day or a nice way to finish the day.  Have a suggestion? Let me know.

In this week’s Stretch Break! I share simple seated chair twist – perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to get up from their desks but still want to stretch and move a little during the day.

Remember, these are created for the average healthy adult.  Please consult a physician before starting this or any exercise or movement based program.

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