What a Pain!

There is no shortage of folks telling you how to be more productive; How to eat less and exercise more; How to manage your time, be more authentic and of course create the life you want.

But what good is any of it if you aren’t willing to do something about it?

Change is scary.  Change happens when the “pain” is too much to bear.  Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate instead of ignore my “pain” because it indicates change and growth.

I remember an early experience with “pain”.  As a college freshman I gained 15 lbs.  During a holiday shopping trip to the mall, a sales woman at the Levi’s store said to me, “Let me get you a pair of 550s, they’re a little fuller through the hips.”

Hearing the woman suggest I needed fuller through the hip jeans felt like a knife going through me.  And I was terribly embarrassed.  Exercise quickly became part of my daily routine.

We all experience pain differently.  The pain can be physical, emotional or spiritual.  Maybe a loved one is sick and that gets you exercising or eating better.  Maybe you are sick and you realize the things in life that are “really” important. Maybe you lost your job and recognize now is the time to “live your dream”.  Whatever it is we all need our own “kick in the pants” to get us thinking and acting in a more positive way.

When I grow and evolve it’s not because I read an article that says, “You know what you should do?”  It’s because I’m sick and tired of living in that space. I’m tired of banging my head against the same damn wall with no results. I am in pain and I look for solutions that can help me.

Experts can continue to tell you what to do.  But if you’re not in enough pain, how likely are you to do it?

If you find yourself saying things like “I should” or “I don’t have time,” it may be that you’re just not in enough pain to do anything about it.  And quite frankly, that’s ok.  (heck sometimes it takes me six months!).  The important part is knowing where to go for help when the pain is too much and you’re ready to do something positive about it.

How about you?  Can you think of times in your life when you experienced that “pain” and it led you to think or act differently?  Was it hard?

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  • http://www.purposepowercoaching.com Chris Edgar

    Hi Stacey — I definitely think the times when I’ve been in pain have been my greatest periods of growth. Sometimes, interestingly enough, the growth happens when I don’t try to do anything about the pain at all, but instead do what’s often harder — to just give the pain my full attention, and get really familiar with it.

  • http://staceyshipman.com Stacey Shipman

    Hi Chris, I totally agree. When I finally became ok with feeling pain, fear or anything uncomfortable that’s when I grew the most. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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