Stress in America Still High, Folks Not Doing Enough About it

The results of the 2010 American Psychological Association Stress in America Study are in and they are still upsetting.

  • Adults are still highly stressed and while they understand the importance of managing it (with activities like exercise, eating well) they STILL DON’T HAVE TIME.  (Other top barriers – money, will power and confidence.)
  • Youth age 8 to 17 are eating too much/too little, have trouble sleeping, experiencing headaches, anger and fighting.  Weight also  plays a factor in stress levels, with overweight kids experiencing more stress.
  • Disconnect between parent/child.  69% of parents report their stress has little or no impact on kids.  91% of kids report knowing their parents are stressed due to certain behaviors (yelling, arguing).  Yikes.

To read the full results, visit the APA website and download the PDF.  I hope you will take a few minutes to at least read the key findings.  These are issues we must stop ignoring.

Reading the survey results on the heels of watching Michael Moore’s movie Sicko about the state of health care in the U.S. made my blood boil. Energy swirled in every part of me, shouting “Do something!”  So I sat and drafted a workbook to accompany my workplace stress management training providing participants a tool for continuous learning.  Wow, did that feel good! Talk about a great use of energy.

The reason I’m upset?  Because I’m afraid of what is happening to the health of people.  It is quickly deteriorating.  And without our health we have nothing.  My passion for health and wellness is personal and based entirely on my own experiences and family health history.  I became educated to support that passion.

Turning the Energy From Anger into Action.

My goal as a wellness professional is to provide a practical approach to managing stress, building confidence and in general feeling good about your personal and professional life.  I know I can’t help everyone, I can only help those who truly want to manage their stress and feel better.  And that’s what I intend to do.  Through speaking, workshops, videos, audio and practical tips on the blog I want to make stress relief and healthy living easy.  Because life is stressful enough. Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be.

Using my energy in a way that makes a difference feels good.  And it takes me one step closer to helping others feel good, too.

How about you? Do you ever get angry because of something you’re passionate about? How can you use it to take action and make a difference?

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Is stress weighing down your organization? Get in touch to find out how to make the program Relieve Stress from Your Desk part of your company’s wellness initiative.

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  • Peggy Nolan

    Hi Stacey!
    I read this article with great interest as well…Would you be willing to join me in mindful summit on stress, the effects of stress, and ways to reduce or eliminate the stressors that are wreaking havoc on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health? I’m putting an event together in 2011. Details coming soon!

  • Stacey Shipman

    Hi Peggy! Yes yes yes and I already sent you an email. Thanks for asking!

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