Eleven Years Later Still Searching for Balance, Control and a Better Attitude

On December 31, 1999 my cousins, sister and I got together to celebrate the new millennium.  As part of our celebration we created a “time capsule” and included a lot of memorabilia from 1999 including video tapes of the news/sports/current events, an audio recording of the radio, pictures, notes, and newspapers.  We opened the box this past weekend and I wanted to share the cover of Parade Magazine (from the Philadelphia Inquirer, see above and click for a more clear view).  The cover, dated January 2, 2000, is very similar to the cover of magazines today.

We are still searching for the same things.

The tips provided inside the magazine were much the same as today – manage stress, practice relaxation techniques, get outside, identify priorities, have a plan, stay the course.

Which leads me to wonder

  • What will it take to finally get what we’re searching for – balance, a slowdown, more control, and to feel better?
  • Do we really need more tips, or is it time to take action?
  • What are we afraid of?
  • Is it because “change is hard” and it’s easier to read about everything we can do instead of actually doing it?

Are you at all curious, too?  There is no secret sauce.  And while the tips aren’t necessarily hard, they do require a commitment to take action and practice if you really want to feel better.

No doubt about it, life is moving fast. If we spend all of our time trying to find control instead of allowing ourselves to go with the flow (and learn some tools to help us feel better along the way) we run the risk of missing out. On a lot.

I wonder what the headlines will be 11 years from now.

What do you think?  Have you made changes/modifications in your life?  Were they hard?  Do you think we’ll ever find the balance or control we’re looking for?

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  • http://serendipitysmiles.com Peggy Nolan

    Hi Stacey!

    This post is such a great jumping off point for our show on January 10! I can’t wait to have you on!!


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