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Stacey Shipman Finishing Hartford Marathon

A few years back my friend Lance at the Jungle of Life wrote a post about his word for the year.  Taking a page from his book, I started to do the same.

In 2009 my word was FREEDOM.  I needed to work through some fears and roadblocks that kept me “stuck” personally and professionally. I wanted, to the best of my ability, to be “free” of these fears.  They never go away, but I do have a new awareness and new tools that let me deal with them faster.

In 2010 my word was FOCUS. I had explored so many avenues personally and professionally, the time came to let some go and focus in on what I really want to do.  I did focus, and I’m working on new website content to reflect the evolved focus and direction.

Which leads me to 2011.  Now that I’m more “free” and focused, it’s time to do something about it.  It’s time to take the ideas that have formulated over the past few years and put them to work.  That’s why the word I chose for 2011 is


Based on all the plans I have for 2011, ACTION is an appropriate word. Without it, I won’t get anything crossed off that list.  I like this idea of choosing a word because it brings a new awareness to each and every thing thing I do.  If I’m not taking action towards a goal or plan, I think about this word and refocus my energy and attention.

Besides, great things do happen when we take action.

On that note, I’m off. Lots to take action on today.

How about you?  Do you choose a word or phrase each year?  If you do, care to share?

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  • http://www.jungleoflife.com/ Lance

    First off…I LOVE the picture!!! That is most definitely ACTION right there! It’s IN you!!!

    And, action is such a great place of focus because as much as we talk the talk, are we willing to walk the walk? You are!!

    Stacey, it’s going to be a GREAT year, I just know it!! And I can’t wait to see the directions this year of ACTION takes you in!!

    Me? Yep, I’m on board with this concept of a word of the year!! Mine this year is SHINE!!

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  • http://www.livingalways.com Livingalways

    I also have a word. Mine are less diversified as I had chosen “Action” in 2009 and again in 2010. It helped, and I used a lot of this “action” to find out what I wanted and to get everything ready.

    Now that most of my plan is there and the direction is clear, I choose “Action” again for 2011. This time however the action will be focused and really on execution, no longer on getting ready and preparing.

    Yes, focused action in a system is my “Leitmotiv” this year, the word however remains “Action”. So let’s go do it!

  • http://www.schammond.com Susan


    I have 3 words following in the Chris Brogan model:
    Lean as in lean into it
    Flow as in go with the flow
    Ease as in the opposite of hard or anxious

    My Arbinger coaches training taught me we need to ask ourselves, and others, are we being responsive or resistant. I believe my 3 words will allow me to be more responsive to whatever the Universe throws at me this year!

    Wishing you an action-filled prosperous 2011!

  • http://www.staceyshipman.com Stacey Shipman

    Hi Lance! Thank you! I thought the picture definitely displayed “Action”! Shine is a great word for you, follows nicely with your words from the past. Much success to you in 2011!

    LivingAlways – Welcome and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Action means different things, I love how you keep coming back to it!

    Susan – I read Chris B’s post, and still decided on only one! I love yours, so true when we resist things just don’t happen. I know that from personal experience :-) Looking forward to catching up!

  • http://JulieRunsBoston.blogspot.com Julie

    Hi Stacey,
    I’ve been doing something similiar for a few years. Instead of a word, I name my year and I tie in a New Years resolution to the name I give my year. 2009 was The Year of New Experiences and my resolution was to 2 things each month outside of my comfort zone. What an amazing experience the whole year was!
    2010 was The Year of Fitness. I can’t believe where I am 12 months after picking that…right now I’m training for The 2011 Boston Marathon in April! NEVER would have imagined that 12 months ago!
    I wanted to keep up with the positive energy, so 2011 is The Year of Postive Health. My resolution is to pick 2 positive healthy habits to try every day for a month. At the end of the month I will re-assess if this is something I want to keep in my life, or just toss. Then the next month I pick two more to try. I’m starting January with keeping a spending journal for my financial health as well as holding the Plank position every day. I’m looking forward to seeing how this intention sets the tone for my whole year.
    Best of luck with the Action you have set in motion! (see you at yoga!)

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