What Makes You Feel Confident?

Yesterday I went out for a walk. The sun was shining and temps were in the 40s. I definitely caught a case of spring fever. Today we’re back to Arctic temperatures, but I hold on to the feeling of yesterday.

Walking or jogging outside, with my favorite music playing in my ears, the sun beating down on my face warming my entire body despite the still not quite warm enough to my liking temperatures, makes me feel good. (The following photo is not from yesterday, but one can dream).

In those moments of warmth, movement and music I feel like I can accomplish anything. Some of my best thoughts and ideas come to me when I’m outside getting some exercise. I feel happy (thank you endorphins), confident and capable of accomplishing anything.

I absolutely love that feeling.

Can you relate at all to what I’m saying?

By definition confidence is: belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities

How do you begin to believe in yourself?

For me it’s about taking action. Doing something. Getting out of my thinking mind for a bit (Have you ever noticed that stress and overwhelm is often a matter of too much thought not enough action?) and into my physical self, my body.

I don’t build confidence by sitting home thinking about all of the wonderful things I could be doing. I build confidence and competence by doing them. Believe me, I know. I’ve spent a good amount of time over the years feeling overwhelmed with my thoughts. It doesn’t feel good. Action does.

What happens when things don’t work out?  I figure out what I can learn, what pieces worked, what didn’t work, re-assess and try again. I’ll never know unless I try. And I build my confidence by giving it a go.

My confidence comes from doing. From taking those walks, from using my body, from taking a thought and making it a reality. And that definitely feels good.

How about you? Where does your confidence come from? What are you taking action on these days?


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