Can Yoga/Meditation Make for Better Meetings?

Can yoga and meditation make for more productive meetings?

According to new research out of Japan the answer is yes. The Kyoto Convention Bureau found that

at least 10 minutes of meditation before a meeting can significantly improve event efficiency, boosting retention of taught information by an average of 12.5 percent overall, and by up to 117 percent for a single learning task.

Wow! I know that when I meditate daily, I feel more focused and definitely get more done during the day.

When I start my stress management programs with a calming exercise the event goes more smoothly. Participants are over-worked and under pressure to meet deadlines. A workshop does not always make them feel better. Putting them immediately into “the mood” works wonders.

Meditation is known to improve health, lower blood pressure, improve focus, productivity, attitude and general well-being. All things that impact an organization’s bottom line. Yoga very much does the same.

I’ve taught yoga and meditation classes before participants engage in day long meetings. When I come back the second time they share “I’ve never felt so focused and present with my colleagues.” Companies are using yoga to begin meetings and conferences for similar reasons.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you or your meeting attendees stayed focused and energized during a meeting?

Does your organization incorporate meditation or yoga practices before or during their meetings? Do you find it helpful?

If you want to make your next meeting or conference better and more productive, contact me by phone 617.548.5877 or email to find out how I can help your meeting attendees stay engaged and productive with yoga.

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  • Evita

    Hi Stacey

    Yoga and meditation are two of my most favorite experiences, as they can both be so calming for all parts of us – the body, mind and spirit.

    Thank you for sharing the stats above, I think 10 minutes of meditation can be such a valuable tool for anyone and can only imagine the improved work ethics, or performance, or productivity in companies who choose to adopt such a routine.

    Thanks for raising more awareness on this!

  • Stacey Shipman

    Hi Evita, Thanks for stopping by! And not just calming, but can energize and create confidence, too. Which are often needed in meetings! 10 minutes is not a long time for a lot of benefit.

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