Do You Have a Vision? (And a Book Giveaway: Action Trumps Everything)

Whether for your personal or professional life – do you know what you want? Another way to ask it: do you have a vision?


Last week I attended a two-day program at Babson College called Action Trumps Everything.

The program, taught in part by the President of Babson himself, is based on the book of the same name (the book I’m giving away, scroll to the end for details). Let me tell you, this program changed everything.

If you want to increase your entrepreneurial thinking or want to feel comfortable making decisions and taking action in the face of uncertainty, this course is for you.

The combination of group activity and self-reflection provided a framework that left most of us buzzing with energy by the time the course ended. The assumption was that all attendees came to the course with an interest in creating something (I took the course for professional reasons).

Questions like…

  • What do you want or what do you desire?
  • Do you want to do that?
  • What is your affordable risk?
  • Do you love to do that?

…really made an impact.

Each question flipped the proverbial light bulb switch and allowed me to get really clear on what I want and where I want to take my business.

My vision or desire hasn’t really changed:

To make it easy for women and their families to enjoy health, satisfying and successful lives (or to feel good about themselves and their work!)

What is changing is HOW I do that. I didn’t fully love my delivery methods prior to this course. I kept getting drawn to certain things for various reasons. This course allowed me to modify and solidify how I want to deliver on that vision.

Ever since making that commitment to myself and out loud to other workshop participants I’ve been meeting the right people and getting the right phone calls.

I’m currently working my way towards that vision by:

  • Raising awareness about and teaching mind/body practices in order to promote confidence, healing and general well-being
  • Creating healthy communities within home, school and work environments
  • Bridge the gap between health and wellness providers and the community who needs their services

And I’ll use speaking, media, community building and consulting to do that work. The blog posts will reflect this more clear direction and method for achieving it. I’ll use this space in part to raise awareness, teach and bridge the gap.

And this new, clear vision definitely feels good to me.

Want to win a copy of the book?

To have a chance to win, leave a comment sharing your want or desire – whether for your personal or professional life.

What is it that you want or desire? Do you really want to do it?

The winner (US Based) will be chosen at random and announced on Friday.

Even if you don’t win the paperback version, you can download the PDF version free on the Action Trumps Everything website. You have to provide name/email but I never received anything from them after the fact. Get the free PDF

Or learn more about the course here.

So go ahead, share your vision. What is it that you want?

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  • Chris Edgar

    Hi Stacey — thanks for this — I think asking “do you really want to do that?” to myself can be a great wakeup call to help me turn away from goals that I’m not really behind achieving (I have my moments when I think I’m not “behind achieving” anything, but those are fleeting). This is what I want to do: I want to give myself permission to be fully human, with all my quirks and complexities, and, in doing that, have other people feel “permitted” to be fully human too.

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