Do You Work While On Vacation?

I’m just back from a few days away in sunny southern Florida visiting my dad.

Florida beach Fort Lauderdale

Although a time to relax, hit the beach and visit, I brought my computer and spent a couple of hours each morning writing, preparing for upcoming presentations and responding to emails.

I actually found that I was more productive and focused with my work and my writing than when I’m at home working.

Given the book I’m currently reading, The Break-Out Principle, by Herbert Benson, I’m not entirely surprised. Taking myself out of my typical environment breaks certain mental patterns, not to mention I don’t have the typical distractions – cats who crave my attention (food, really), a house that needs cleaning, and a desk that needs to be tidied.

I tweeted about this focus and how much I was accomplishing. A friend and colleague tweeted back:

What’s this? Work on Vacation? Shame on you; of all peeps you should know better! 😉

I chuckled at her response. True, as someone who teaches stress management strategies perhaps I “should know better.”

I thought about her tweet for a moment and caught myself thinking “Maybe I shouldn’t be working”. Then I realized I WANTED to do the work. I felt excited and energized to work on my new book and accompanying workbook. I wanted to get started setting up a new blog to accompany the book and workbook.

I WANTED to do a few hours of work – it felt good to me.

I didn’t feel like I SHOULD do the work.

And that, I think, makes a big difference.

I don’t feel like I missed out on anything and now that I’m home I’m still energized to complete my projects and get back to work.

So of course I’m curious to know what you think. Do you work while on vacation? Do you disconnect from everything? Do you do it depending on the vacation? Curious to know what works for you and if you do work, is it because you want to or think you should?

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