Feeling Good and America’s Got Talent

I turned on America’s Got Talent last night and caught the repeat of the NYC auditions. One kid in particular, a young dancer from Boston known to his friends as Snap Boogie, caught my attention. (YAY BOSTON!)

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Actually, what caught my attention is what Sharon Osborne asked him after his performance.

“Do you feel good?” She asked. (around 3:35 in the video)

He quietly spoke into the mic a big smile on his face, “yeah”.

Why did he feel good?

Well, I didn’t get to talk to him but I can only assume the following based on what I saw:

Passion. He loves to dance. I know this from the interview they shared before his performance. The kid loves to dance. He’s a street performer to make money to help pay bills at home. His passion is dance. (What are you that passionate about?)

Get a little crazy. Before he danced he admitted that this audition is the craziest thing he’s ever done. Want something bad enough? Might mean getting a little crazy (however you define crazy). (Can you get a little crazy and take a risk to make your dreams a reality?)

Did his best. He wanted to move on to the next round – Vegas. So he got out there and danced his heart out. Flips, break dancing, and other funky moves got the crowd and the judges going wild. My guess is he practices, a lot. (Are you doing your best and putting your heart into your actions every day?)

Humbled confidence. This comes from Piers. After Snap left the stage Piers said to the other judges something that I took to mean: Kid is humble when he talks, arrogant when he dances, that’s the right combination. He believed in his ability to dance. (Do you believe in your abilities that much to show people instead of talk about how great you are?)

Keep it fun and playful. Through his smile, humor and connection with the audience, I could tell he was having fun. And so was the audience. (Are having fun and connecting with people who support you?)

He got a standing ovation from the crowd, the judges loved him and  yes, he’s going to Vegas.

When you feel good about something, what is it that helps you feel good about it? How can you make that part of everything you do?

These are questions I often ask myself. I’d love to know what you think.

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