3 Quick Tips: Creating Strong Connections

Whether for your personal or professional life, surrounding yourself with supportive people is critical to your success and satisfaction.

How do you create those connections to ensure you are in good company? Below are three quick tips I’ve found invaluable to creating strong connections in my personal and professional life.

Be Genuine. Mean what you say, say it without expectation, and say it from a place of wanting to help. If you can’t commit to help, silence or self-awareness may be your best bet.

Be curious. Rather than think about “how will I benefit” think about “how I can help someone today”. If you’re genuine in your message, this really shouldn’t be hard. Ask questions, be interested, listen more than you speak.

Stay in touch. Whether you send a note via email or snail mail, connect on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or (gasp!) pick up the phone and say hello, it’s important to stay in touch if you want to create and enjoy strong connections.


I recently picked up the phone to call a friend/colleague I hadn’t talked to in a while (I’ll call her K). K and I spent about an hour on the phone. I caught her on a not so good day. I listened and offered guidance when asked. Mostly I listened. K was heading off to a conference for the weekend.  As we hung up I said “have fun!” She didn’t really want to go.

When I saw K the following week, she greeted me with a hug. “Thank you so much for the phone call last week. You got me off the couch, running my errands and packing my bag for the trip. I had a great time. I told everyone I was there because of you.”

K called me later that same to day to share a story. She ran into a colleague who needed support. Because K felt good, she could offer her colleague support and guidance, too.

That’s magic. Helping people is contagious. The next time you’re connecting online or off, consider being genuine, curious and committing to staying in touch. And then watch your relationships flourish. That’s something we can all feel good about.

How about you? How do you create strong connections with folks so you have people to turn to for help and who can reach out to you for the same?

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