What’s in Your “I Want to Feel Better” Toolbox?

A friend recently posted on Facebook:

Stress…It really is about how you HANDLE it, not how much you have.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

There is no such thing as stress free. Stress is a response and we all respond differently. Some people withdraw, others get angry, irritable or impatient. Some people pause and ask questions. Maybe you know people who worry a lot, are forgetful, or have trouble sleeping at night.

How do you respond? And more importantly are you satisfied with how you respond?

When I’m on thinking overload, I feel like my head is buzzing and I can’t focus. In those moments I’ve learned to shift my attention away from my thoughts (stress) and to my breath (present moment = feel better.)

The tools I most often access in my toolbox include: exercise, stretching, yoga, journaling, meditation/breathing, connecting with friends.

The tool I choose depends on how I feel. If I feel lethargic, maybe it’s time for a walk to boost my energy. If overwhelm is keeping me from being productive perhaps a quick stretch or a few deep breaths is what I need to relax and get focused.

I don’t always have time for a 90 minute yoga class. I can find time for a neck stretch, forward bend or a few deep breaths. Even in that short amount of time, I instantly feel better.

It’s not about the stress you do have. It’s all in how you handle it.

How do you handle the stress in your life? What is in your “I want to feel better” toolbox?

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