Best Business Advice I Heard When I Became A Solo Professional

Recently on Facebook the folks at Chic CEO asked the question, “What’s the best business advice you ever heard?”

When I first left my corporate job to become self-employed I didn’t know a thing about self employment. Below are the three pieces of advice I learned and still carry with me today.

If you want to grow a business, you need to network.

I didn’t even know what networking was back then! I Googled “women’s networking South Shore, MA” and found the South Shore Women’s Business Network (SSWBN). I attended one event and never looked back. I became the President of the organization and even wrote a short guidebook on networking. My business has evolved into what it is today in part because of the connections I made through SSWBN.

If you are a business owner or professional on the South Shore, MA, I highly recommend checking them out at

Are you a member of any networking groups?

* * *

Give them the coke, not the coke machine.

When I first started marketing my services as a speaker/consultant I sold the coke machine – stress reduction and confidence building. But for what? What’s the end result? I started paying attention to what clients and workshop participants told me. I listened to their language. I remember one woman who experienced shoulder pain for 6 months. After participating in the relaxation exercise her pain disappeared. I could say I help alleviate shoulder pain due to muscle tension (coke) through relaxation and stretching exercises (coke machine).

Do you see the difference? One way to differentiate yourself in your industry is by offering the coke instead of the coke machine.

Side note: you might have many cokes! To avoid overwhelm (for you and your customers!) focus on one or two benefits at a time

If you’re a (solo) professional selling a service, do you know the difference between your coke and your coke machine?

* * *

Your revenue doesn’t have to come from one place.

This in my experience this is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it leaves you with options and opportunities. A curse because if you have trouble focusing, then you might feel challenged.

I have one main umbrella I work under: To help folks feel good about themselves and their work.

I do that in many different ways: Speaking & workshops, Teaching yoga, Developing products, Consulting with Health/fitness professionals and organizations, Community Building.

In addition, I’m always open to additional opportunities that allow me to have a positive influence on the health and well-being of my community (and beyond).

How can you diversify you’re revenue stream? Have you already?


Your turn: What’s the best business advice you ever heard? Care to share in the comments?

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