What Do You Desire (from your work)?

Do you enjoy your work? Are you passionate about it?

As I work to launch Healthy South Shore, a new online health and fitness magazine for folks south of Boston, I’m reminded of the question that got me here.

And that question had nothing to do with purpose.

And it had nothing to do with passion.

The question:

What do you desire?

I heard this question last April at a 2-day workshop I attended at Babson College. The impact of the question is long lasting. When I find myself drifting in thought to all of the “possibilities” in my life I ask “what do you desire?”

The answers keep me on track.

Last April I desired:

  • A resource for people in my area to connect with their local health/fitness resources – the people, wellness centers and parks.
  • A resource that allows the community to get to know their resources and perhaps feel less afraid about hiring them.
  • An opportunity to showcase the talents and expertise of these resources through web video and articles.

Prior to that I asked “what am I passionate about?” because that’s what the experts suggested I ask.

As a result I struggled to find work I enjoyed. I have a personal interest in and passion for health and wellness.

The logical response might be to become a personal trainer or health coach. I did. I quickly learned that I’m not passionate about serving in that type of role.

Asking “what do I desire” allowed me to:

  • Imagine what I want to create.
  • Think differently about how to create work that fit both my personal interest and my skills.
  • Think differently about my work over all.

Healthy South Shore is a direct result of asking that question. I now find myself in a much better suited sales/marketing role. Back to my roots.

And I’ve never felt better about my work. It’s challenging, fun, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. I love it.

If you struggle, as I did, trying to figure out your “true calling”, “passion work” or whatever else you are looking for when it comes to employment, consider asking the question:

What do you desire?

See what comes up for you. Are you surprised?

Care to share your answer to the question in the comments?

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