5 Reasons to Work with a (Business) Coach

Have you ever worked with a coach to help you achieve personal or professional goals?

To effectively launch my new project, Healthy South Shore, I hired a business coach. Working with a coach proved well worth the investment. She helped me identify the pieces of my work I needed to get rid of in order to move forward with what I really wanted.

Healthy South Shore is going well and I credit the work I did with my coach to make it happen. Based on that experience, below are my top 5 reasons to hire a coach to help you achieve your goals -whether in business, life, as a speaker, athlete or other role.

Accountability. I did the work in preparation for each meeting. I didn’t want to waste her time or my money. When you’re paying for assistance, are you more likely to do the work?

A good coach asks tough questions. My coach asked questions like “Why aren’t you monetizing that?” and “Why are you still offering that service when I can see as you talk that you have no passion for it?” Do you need someone to ask you the tough questions?

Support. My coach made herself available for emails and quick follow-ups in between our meetings. She reviewed paperwork, offered suggestions and kept me on track until our next appointment. I never felt alone.  What support do you need to get your business off the ground or take it to the next level?

Clear purpose and strategy. Coach Vicki urged me to create a plan. I created a mission, vision and marketing strategy. As a result when I share Healthy South Shore with others they get it and they feel my passion. They want to be involved. Without a clear mission/vision I would not be able to share this resource so easily and passionately. Do you have a vision and mission for your business or goals?

Past experience. I knew I wanted to hire a coach who had a successful publishing track record. Although her publication was not online, she still understood many aspects of publishing – sales, marketing, content. She’d been there, done that and successfully. Do you know a coach who has past experience and success to share with you?

Your turn: Do you or have you worked with a coach? What’s your experience? Do you recommend it?

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  • http://www.vickidonlan.com Vicki Donlan

    Thanks for the great tips to help women understand the benefits of working with a business coach. And, thanks for the endorsement. Continued success!

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