How Do You Do it All?

Are you ever asked “how do you do it all?” or maybe you wonder how other people do it all.

I’m asked this question often, including today. My response this time, “You do what you have to do when you want something enough.”

These statements are often preceded with “I see your updates on Facebook. I don’t know how you do it all.” If you’re active on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all you have to do. It’s also easy to feel less than when you see other people seemingly “doing it all.”

I know I am much more effective when I focus. These days my focus is on one umbrella idea: creating programs and products for a healthy, satisfying and successful live, personally and professionally – or what I call “Feel Good Living”. Under that umbrella I offer a lot of services, but in the end, I’m doing one thing.

Of course I stray once in a while. I have a very active mind. However, I have taken some steps to keep me on track. I find self-inquiry to be particularly useful in determining how to spend my time. Below are some of the strategies and questions I ask to keep me on track. Perhaps they’ll be useful to you in your quest to “do it all”.

Identify my values/priorities. My priorities right now: good family relationships, good health, work that has a positive affect on my community and is financially rewarding. If my actions stray from these priorities I re-evaluate. What is really important in your life?

Pause before I respond. Rather than say “yes” simply to please others, I pause. If necessary I ask for thinking time. Otherwise I quickly go through my values/priorities and if what I’m asked to do doesn’t fit, I say no, respectfully. Do you say “yes” a lot? How might you pause and reflect before you respond?

Get curious. I’m curious about how things work so I take time to explore opportunities and options. If I’m not moving forward I’ll re-evaluate and stop. Otherwise, I’ll keep going. What can you explore within a set time limit and determine whether or not it’s moving you towards your goals?

Find time for silence. If I feel overwhelmed by options I sit, quietly – for a few minutes or I take a day off. I let my thoughts settle and focus on the present moment – the activities or people right in front of me. I also journal. I let everything out that needs to come out. Silence provides an opportunity to tune in to your needs, desires and appropriate action steps. How can you free yourself from distractions to tune in to your needs and desires once in a while?

There is still plenty more I want to do. I’m by far not doing it all. I’m doing what I can, based on what I want and with the resources available to me. And that feels good right now.

Your turn. How do you “do it all”? 

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  • Lance

    Great thoughts, Stacey.

    And I very much relate to the idea of focus – and when I’m in that space (focused) – I am accomplishing much. The rest of what you shared, though, is so key – to make sure that focus is in the right direction for each of us.

    For me, it’s also about exploring ways to step out of my comfort zone – and see the new possibilities that come from that…

  • Stacey Shipman

    Hey Lance! Thanks for stopping by. Focus is a bugger isn’t it? So much we want or think we should do makes distraction commonplace. Seeing possibilities is great, for some hard to do, but glad you are taking advantage of it. Hope you are doing well!

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