Are You Making Positive Choices?

How do you feel about Monday mornings? Do you look forward to them or are you part of the crowd that dreads Monday?

I used to rise on Monday mornings with a growl and a grimace; not much shine at all. Then I read The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, a spiritual fable about a very successful attorney who suffers a heart attack in the courtroom. Once released from the hospital he sells everything (including his Ferrari!) and moves to India/Bangladesh to become a monk and find a simpler life.

I read this at a time when I felt completely dissatisfied and stressed out with my job. I don’t remember the exact passage of the book, but something prompted me to start waking up earlier. What a difference that change made. My productivity, at work and at home, increased and my whole attitude changed for the better.

I made a positive choice to improve my life and as a result improved my ability to do my best work.

Are you making positive choices that allow you to do the same?

There are a variety of choices you can make to have a more positive and satisfying day. You can choose to:

  • Be grateful that each day you have a new opportunity to live and work with purpose.
  • Sit and eat breakfast instead of rushing off claiming “I don’t have time.”
  • Take 5 quiet minutes for you. Wake earlier, sit quietly, feel calm and focused.
  • Write down 3 purposeful and realistic goals that you want to accomplish today.
  • Look in the mirror after you get dressed and say, “Damn, I look good today!”
  • Start your day with a walk or a stretch. Move your body to boost your attitude and your energy.
  • Develop an affirmation practice. I recently started one, as I wrote about here, and the results I’ve experienced already surprise me. I do feel different. It sounds cliché but your thoughts guide your actions. Think positive to act positive.

Or, you can live a world of negativity. The choice is yours.

I’ll be the first to admit, making positive choices isn’t easy.

First you have to recognize that you do have choices. Then you need to surround yourself with supportive people. You also need confidence and a strong belief that you’re worth it (and you are worth it!). Finally, you need to know what you want so you can take action towards a life with more purpose.

I now look forward to the morning – whether it’s Monday or Saturday – so I can continue to do my best work. Not all days are easy and filled with positive outcomes. Regardless, I feel empowered knowing that I do in fact have a choice in how I think and how I act.

Your turn: What choices can you make to ensure that you do your best work and enjoy a life with more purpose and satisfaction? Would love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

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  • Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord

    I love this post! I actually like Mondays, but every once in awhile, a day sneaks up on me that has me grimacing, as you described. My favorite suggestions:
    – smile at myself if I’m the first person I see (LOVE that!)
    – morning stretch — sometimes I do sleep all funny and curled and releasing my body feels amazing
    – breakfast — I usually just do a chai latte or two, but my gosh, those are the best parts of my morning many days, and I’m grateful for them

    I also do a practice of bowing down and giving thanks to be alive. I say a few prayers or affirmations, light a candle by my computer, and start the day.

    What a fun, energizing and great post!
    ** ** **
    PS – is the date supposed to say November 17, 2008?

  • Stacey Shipman

    Megan, Thanks! And yes, I was starting to repopulate my blog with old posts… :-) One step at a time and starting with some of my favorites. I honestly didn’t think they’d show up as new because the date was past!

  • Evita

    Hi Stacey!

    Great tips! And how appropriate these are for a Monday indeed! I know many people start dreading their Sunday, because they know what awaits Monday. But if we set ourselves up with goals, or routines, or some clear cut ideas of what is a priority and what isn’t, then all has the potential to “flow” so well and give us a great start to the week.

    As for me, a positive attitude today is not governed by the days of the week almost at all. Each day I have come to realize is a gift with many new and wonderful opportunities, and it is up to me to give them meaning. So I simply stay open to what awaits, but at the same time I do create my days with purpose and intent, and I think that feeling of “not being lost” is what allows me to keep a positive attitude each day :)

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