5 Ways Public Speaking Can Grow Your Business or Career

Does the thought of speaking in public stress you out. Does your heart race at the thought of addressing a group? Are you missing out on professional opportunities as a result of your fear?

If you work 1-1 with clients, attend networking events, speak, teach workshops, or hold a leadership role in a business or community organization, then you are a public presenter. And how you present yourself makes a difference in how you are perceived.

Developing your skills as a public presenter could set you apart from others in your field. I know it did for me.

Strengthening your presentation skills provides an opportunity to stand out in a positive way. Below are 5 ways to use public speaking as a tool to grow your business or career.

Low Cost Marketing. A successful businessman once said, “Don’t pay to market yourself; get paid to market.” Consistent marketing is necessary and can be expensive depending on the tactics you use. Offering workshops, teleclasses, webinars and seminars provides a cost effective way to share your message and develop trusted relationships.

Additional Revenue. Did you know people get paid to speak and teach workshops? Whether you offer for fee public workshops or get paid by an organization, you are at the same time marketing, teaching and establishing yourself as an expert. (Note: if you are paid a fee for your speaking engagement, you are paid to educate not pitch your company or product!)

Networking. Your public speaking and communication skills are in full force when you network in a group or one-on-one. Speak clearly and with authority to ensure that you are heard.

Keeps you relevant. Information is readily available on the internet. As a result, your customers are more informed than you think. As an industry expert and public presenter you need to stay abreast of current trends, issues and the needs of your clients.

Customer relationships. Every day you speak with customers, colleagues, peers or referral sources. Developing your presentation skills will help you effectively share your message, develop stronger business relationships and feel confident asking for what you want (a referral, a sale, some help?)

Instead of hiding in your office, strengthen your presentation skills in order to reduce speaking stress and anxiety, stand out from colleagues, share your message and grow your business or career.

Do you use public speaking to grow your business or career? How has it helped you?

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