Why Are You in a Hurry?

Do you often find yourself rushing around, in a hurry to get somewhere?

Whether I’m driving, walking, at the grocery store or a networking event, I always feel like people are in a hurry.

Sure I’ve asked, “What’s the rush!” but really I never thought much about it. That is until one of my walks last week. Walking is different for me. I spent two decades as a runner. Fast paced, lots of calories burned in a short amount of time. Running is efficient and effective.

On this particular day, I went for a lunch time walk. I needed the break after staring at a computer screen all morning. Yet I felt hurried. I wanted to run for efficiency’s sake but I knew my lower back and hamstrings wouldn’t be happy. I picked up my walking pace.

That’s when the question popped into my mind.

Why are you in such a hurry?

Like other people I know, I often talk myself out of an activity – usually a fun activity – because I have too much work to do.

As I considered this question, I went a little deeper than normal. That’s when it hit me.

I feel rushed when I’m not engaged in activities that are meaningful to me. And then I feel a certain level of anxiety because I wasted my time.

On that morning, I spent more time than I should have on social media. As a result I didn’t make as much progress on the presentation skills book I’m writing.

I felt anxious, like time was running out and I just didn’t have enough time.

Can you relate to this experience?

The reality is, I have plenty of time. Especially when I:

  • Identify my priorities and the work that needs to get done to create a financially and emotionally satisfying career and life while spending little to no time on activities that don’t take me towards that goal.
  • Limit my social media time (and other activities that don’t necessarily help me achieve a goal)
  • Create space in my calendar for working on my book project
  • Schedule movement/stretching breaks into my day

I’ll continue to consider this question when I notice myself “hurrying”.  Will you join me in this quest? The next time you find yourself rushing around, will you notice how it makes you feel – do you feel good or anxious? Will you get curious and reflect on your day and how you spent your time? Will you prepare for the next day knowing when you wake up you get a do-over?

Your turn: I don’t have tips or an answer today. Instead I want to share this experience and start a conversation.  I’m curious to know what you think and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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