Do You “Plerk”?

My husband and I had the opportunity to join friends on their boat earlier this week. As the conversation progressed our friend Marge said, “I plerk. I like to mix play with work.”

Upon hearing this word I knew I had to write about it. (Thanks, Marge, for the inspiration!)

How often do you mix play with work?

Below are a few ways one might “plerk”:

Stacey and Marge

  • Golf outings with business colleagues
  • Enjoy an evening on a boat with friends (Note: my husband first met Marge via business activities)
  • Take a walk in a park while talking business
  • Hit the gym with colleagues during lunch
  • Host an employee appreciation party complete with food and games

I remember attending a networking event at a local rental shop. After eyeing the popcorn machines, chairs, tables, and tents we happened upon the spin art machine. We set it up and 30 of us whooped, hollered, laughed and squirted paint onto the spinning paper. We were relaxed, having fun and getting to know each other.

Strong relationships are a key component to achieve success and satisfaction in work and in life. “Plerk” is a perfect opportunity to develop those relationships on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Instead of coffee conversations I have started inviting contacts and colleagues to go for a walk at a local beach or park (weather permitting). At first people look at me surprised. A follow up response usually sounds like this, “That sounds nice. Let’s do that.”

Sure business is serious. And play is necessary for a satisfying life. Play is also known to relax us, reduce stress and boost creativity. Why not mix the too, and “plerk”, as Marge suggests?

Your turn

Do you “plerk”? How have you mixed play with work to create stronger relationships? Would love to hear about your experience.

Community Events

Two of my favorite local networking organizations have opportunities to “plerk” in the near future.

  • On Friday July 19, the South Shore chamber of Commerce is hosting their annual summer outing at the Hingham Shipyard. Learn more.
  • On August 19, the South Shore Women’s Business Network is hosting their annual golf outing. Learn more.
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  • Tiffany @No Ordinary Homestead

    My husband and I are definitely “plerk-ers”…and we are also business partners so the lines cross on a regular basis. But we’re starting out on our own venture now and looking to do a whole lot more “plerk” in the future with our clients and as we get to know our new city. :)

  • Stacey Shipman

    Hi Tiffany, I think “plerking” makes business more fun. And getting to know people on a personal level makes me more likely to work with them in the future. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your venture.

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