Manage Stress: Reduce Neck or Shoulder Tension and Feel More Relaxed

When was the last time you took time to relax your mind and your muscles?

When I teach stress management workshops I always end with a relaxation activity. People love it! They’ve told me:

  • They felt and heard a muscle release just like at the chiropractors. “Felt Good.”
  • Shoulder pain, which has been a bother for months, goes away.
  • With tears in their eyes, that after living with chronic pain for years, they didn’t feel the pain.
  • The doctor told them their blood pressure is lower than ever and to keep doing what you’re doing!

Not bad for about twelve minutes of time.

Knowing that these folks are not alone, I thought I’d share the audio version of the relaxation exercise. I hope it helps you or someone you know experience less pain and feel better. Note, you do not have to be in pain to experience benefits from this activity! It’s perfect when you need to decompress and you’re short on time.

Click here to download or listen to the audio file

The exercise lasts about 12 minutes.  It starts with a guided relaxation (by me) then a minute or so on your own before you hear my voice again.

You deserve a short break to regroup and re-energize before you speed up again. I hope you give yourself the opportunity to experience it. If you know someone who might benefit, feel free to pass this along.


Progressive Relaxation: Listen Now or Download for Later

Click the link “Download audio file”. When the new window opens you can 1) play the audio right from your computer or 2) Save to your desktop. Go to File/Save Page As (save as MP3). Then you can access the audio mp3 from your computer whenever you need or want to!

Click here to download or listen to the audio file

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