A Benefit of Speaking Up

Many people I talk to are afraid to speak in public. I get it, I’ve been there (Sometimes I’m still there!).

When I decided to take steps into that fear, the benefits began to outweigh the consequences.


The many benefits of “speaking up”

The benefits of speaking up include (and are not limited to)…

Ask for help, set personal boundaries, live within your means, start a blog, share knowledge and information, ask for a raise, a client referral, up-sell a new client or establish yourself as an expert.

One benefit stands out

Earlier this week I addressed the Women of Action, an internal resource group at the Rockland Trust Company, on the topic Use Your Voice to Make a Difference.

women of action

As I concluded my speech I shared the following story: Earlier this year I presented a stress management talk and ended with a guided relaxation activity. One women approached me with tears in her eyes when we were done. “I’ve lived with chronic pain for years,” she told me. “And for the fifteen minutes of that relaxation activity I didn’t have any pain.”

I still get chills when I think, write or speak about that night. My strategies helped her.

As I left Rockland Trust that one benefit popped into my mind:

When you share your stories and strategies you provide hope, healing and inspiration to others.

If we have stories and strategies that can help people, is it our duty to share them?

I grew up believing “no one needs to know your business.” And “no one cares what you have to say.” The latter may be true if you talk about yourself all the time and offer little value. But what if your words can help?

I love sharing yoga and relaxation strategies because I know how helpful they can be.

I talk to many people who have great knowledge, experiences and strategies to share that can make a positive difference in someone’s life. That’s why I love sharing the use your voice to make a difference message.

Am I fearless? No. I use the energy from fear to practice, prepare and connect with my audience.

How you share the message is up to you

I enjoy speaking, writing, teaching yoga. Figure out what makes you feel comfortable. Do you enjoy teaching small groups? Addressing large crowds? Writing? Blogging? Coaching? Short updates on social media? Talking 1-1 with friends?

We all have stories and strategies to share.

How will you use your voice to make a difference?

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  • Cis

    I love this Stacey. Thank you for sharing it. I don’t have any problem with writing but I find it hard to share at times. But, I remember this Audre Lorde quote I love. “Whether we speak or not the machine will crush us to bits and we will still be afraid. Our silence will not protect us.” Or something close to that. For me, I have to think is the benefit of speaking (or writing) bigger than the possible fall out? If so, and as long as there is no ill will, I think breaking isolation is so important. Anyhow, I am SO GLAD you speak up and out and inspire others to do the same.

  • Stacey Shipman

    Hi Cis, Thanks for sharing that quote. I love “Our silence won’t protect us” so often we think it will! I also assess the risk. And agree, as long as speaking up is respectful and not hurtful it’s important.

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