6 Songs to Boost Your Public Speaking Confidence

I love music. When I feel down music lifts me up. When I exercise music helps me move faster. (The idea for this post came to me during a weekend run.)

Music also gives me a boost before a presentation, an important meeting or conversation. If I’m home I might dance around or sing along. Music boosts my energy, confidence and attitude. All necessary components of effective conversations and presentations.

The following songs give me a public speaking confidence boost when I hear them. Most of them have to do with speaking up in some way. Some are just for fun. Enjoy!

Brave, Sara Bareilles

Whether you lead meetings, speak to groups or engage in 1:1 conversations, speaking up requires courage and bravery.

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Say What You Need to Say, John Mayer

Quiet, I’ve learned, breeds anger and resentment. Not to mention an inability to influence, help and share knowledge with others. Say what you need to say. And say it with respect.

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I Live For the Applause, Lady Gaga

I’m torn about including this song. To “Live for the applause” is to live by your ego. Speaking isn’t about the speaker. It’s about the audience. I’m currently reading Give Your Speech, Change the World by Public Words founder Dr. Nick Morgan. He suggests the ONLY reason to give a speech (whether to a group or 1:1) is to change the world. Applause may happen if you bring great value to your audience and motivate them to take action. However, applause shouldn’t be the primary goal. Let the song boost your energy, not your ego.

Work, Work, Britney Spears

I know. I can’t believe I’m quoting Britney Spears as words of wisdom. However, you can’t become a better speaker (or better at ANYTHING) if you’re not willing to do the work. Now, get to work!

La Vida Loca, Ricky Martin

This song is about letting loose and having fun. A favorite presentation, for me and the audience, happened when the last words I said to myself were, “Go out there and have fun!”

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Roar, Katy Perry

Roar is what happens when you find your voice and use it to make a difference.

Your turn

Obviously I love top 40 music. What are your favorite confidence boosting songs from your favorite music genre? Leave a comment. I’m always looking for new additions to my playlist!

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  • Cis

    I LOVE this post. I LOVE the Brave song! What a great idea to think of a soundtrack for being brave. I could play it all the way to a Toastmasters meeting. What a great idea. I like Lucinda Williams, “You took my joy, I want it back,” and some others for living my truth. Fun!

  • Stacey Shipman

    Thanks Cissy! I love listening to music to boost my mood whether for speaking or anything else. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://moxiedot.com/ MoxieDot

    Great idea for a post! I love “Brave” and music has really made an impact on my overall work and productivity. -Kelsey

    • Stacey Shipman

      Thanks for your comment. I find that listening to music definitely boosts my mood and energy which in turn boosts my productivity. Thanks for stopping by!

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  • http://coachlisab.blogspot.com/ Lisa Braithwaite

    Stacey, I used Brave as a promo for my confidence-building SpeakUP program last year. It’s a great fit for public speaking! A song that boosts me before I speak (and that I sing along to while warming up my voice) is Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” It’s a great speaking pump-up for me!

    • Stacey Shipman

      Hi Lisa – thanks so much for stopping by! Brave always gets me in the right frame of mind. Thanks for sharing the Queen song, too – I love hearing about what works for others!

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