Inspired to Take Action (Takeaways from the Massachusetts Conference for Women)

Yesterday I spent the day with more than 10,000 women at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston.


Did you attend?

We heard from local and national leaders including

Susan Cain, the author of Quiet

Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS

Kerry Washington and Robin Roberts joined the conversation via satellite

Doris Kearns Goodwin, historian and author

Tory Johnson, author, entrepreneur and contributor to Good Morning America

Linda Cliatt-Wayman, principal of Strawberry Mansion High School in PA

Leymah Gbowee, a 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate

And so. many. more.

I laughed, cried and felt moved to take action.

For those who couldn’t attend below are some of the key takeaways (for me) from the event:

  • Women need to use their voice and speak up more in meetings
  • Collaboration can change the world
  • Women need to support each other more
  • Have a great idea that can change the world? Implement it even if things aren’t perfect
  • To become a better negotiator, learn to negotiate with your inner voices first
  • Body language counts. People can tell when your unsure or lying through your body language more than your words.
  • Education and love change everything for the better. (Linda Cliatt-Wayman brought tears to my eyes when she said, “If no one told you they loved you today, know that I do” I have chills just typing the words.)

As I sat during lunch listening to the speakers and observing my surroundings, I felt a shift within me. I thought, How many of these women will take action as a result of what they heard and learned today? As a result of the connections they made? I want to be one who takes action.

I want to be one who takes action

I started scheming on the train ride home. My mind is swimming with ideas and plans this morning. The key is to pick one idea and run with it. Even if it doesn’t work out. Even if things aren’t completely “in order” (are they ever?).

The key is to do something that makes life better. If it makes life better for one person, that is quite possibly enough to change the world.

I look forward to turning ideas into reality in 2014. Will you join me?

Your turn:

Whether you attended the conference or not, what ideas can you turn into reality? How can you make a bigger difference by taking action even though things may not be perfect? Share your ideas in the comments. Maybe we can help each other.

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