How Are You Making A Difference?

Recently I had the opportunity to teach an 8 week Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program at Hanover High School.

When I learned that Toastmasters offers curriculum for such a program I reached out to my Toastmasters network, let them know what I wanted to do and the support I needed to make it a reality.

What I love about Toastmasters is the strong community and willingness to help.

One member made a crucial connection with the principal of the local high school. He became my co-facilitator.

Stacey and Patrick

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I had a meeting with the principal and got buy in from the top. Although it took more than six months to get the program started, we achieved success with these two key ingredients:

Productive Relationships & Effective Communication

By connecting to the right people, in this case the international and local Toastmasters community and school, and communicating needs and desire – a location, students, a contact – we were able to make a difference in the lives of 10 students.

Chrissie Dahlstrom Photography

Chrissie Dahlstrom Photography

Students delivered their final presentations in the school auditorium in front of parents, friends, Toastmasters and school administrators. They told us about how they:

  • Gained more confidence talking to groups
  • Learned about eye contact, body language and to breathe when feeling nervous
  • Made new friends and met people they never would have met without the program
  • Some even want to participate in the program again next year.

Chrissie Dahlstrom Photography

By tapping into trusted relationships and communicating the desire and outcomes with those people, together we reached our goals and made a positive difference.

Your turn

How are you making a difference? Are you connecting to the right people and communicating the right message? Would love to hear what you’re up to.

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