Three Thoughts to Consider Before Your Next Presentation

I recently shared the following three thoughts with the graduating students of the Toastmasters Youth Leadership program.

These tips are not just for teens. Adults can benefit, too. Consider the following before engaging in a high stakes conversation or presentation.


Remember to breathe

Calm your nerves and ground yourself. You’ll stay present with your audience, and focused on your outcomes without thinking too far ahead. Remember, speaking isn’t about you. Manage nervous energy to create a stronger audience connection.

Be Yourself

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. – Chinese Proverb

If you’re funny, be funny. Quiet and reflective, be quiet and reflective. Energetic, show your energy. If you sing, maybe you sing at the beginning (I recently saw this happen, tremendous opening!) There is nothing worse than trying to act like someone you’re not. Relax and be yourself. Know your skills, personality traits and interests. Know your audience. The world needs your personality to shine. We need to hear your voice. There is an audience ready.

Your words have the power to make a difference

Every time you open your mouth or share your words through writing, you have the opportunity to influence positive change. How will you use your voice and your words to make a difference in your life and for others?

Your turn:

What do you think about before a presentation to get you focused?

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