Why I Stay in Toastmasters

People often ask me why, after 9+ years, I’m still a member of Toastmasters.

The simple answer? Continuous improvement.

Yet, that’s only part of the puzzle.

Hanover Toastmasters

Even the most seasoned speakers will tell you there is always room to improve.

Below are several reasons (in no particular order) why I continue to maintain my membership and involvement in Toastmasters.

  • I have a vested interest in my home club. My husband and I started the Hanover, MA chapter in 2007. We continue to grow and remain a strong, award winning club in our District. I want to see the Hanover Toastmasters continue to thrive.
  • Regular Practice. With meetings held several times per month, Toastmasters offers chance to practice new speech/presentation material and consistently work on communication, meeting management and “off the cuff” speaking skills.
  • Leadership.¬†Toastmasters offers opportunities to develop leadership skills at the club, District and International level. This year I held the position of Area Governor, overseeing 4 clubs in my area. Next month I’ll start my role as Division Governor (a step above Area Governor) and oversee 4 Areas. Practice, Practice, Practice.
  • Give back. Toastmasters allowed me to develop the confidence to take on leadership roles, strengthen my skills and turn my biggest obstacle into my profession. Now I serve as a mentor to new club members, teach the TM youth program to teens in the community and take on leadership opportunities with the Toastmasters community, all in an effort to give back to an organization that has given me so much.
  • Community. Toastmasters is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, communities I’ve ever been involved with. Everyone joins for a common purpose – to develop confidence, communication and leadership skills. As a result, they are committed to self-improvement and the improvement of others. The support and camaraderie is tremendous.

Your Turn

Are you part of a community you feel strongly about? What keeps you coming back?

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