Do you ever notice that the more you sit:

  • The less action you take
  • The more time you waste on social media.
  • Your attitude changes (and not for the better)
  • You get mentally and physically stuck

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While I believe speaking practice is the most effective way to strengthen public speaking and presentation skills, “cross training” is also important. Observing other speakers, enrolling in writing classes, and reading books and blogs are all part of a well-rounded practice plan.

Below are three books that have helped me. They provide strategies and insights to implement during practice, preparation and speaking engagements.

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To help improve my speaking skills, I often observe other speakers and performers to gain insights into what makes them effective (or not). As I watched Lady Gaga’s stellar Sound of Music tribute during the 2015 Oscars, I thought, “I can learn a lot about public speaking from this performance.”

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I wrote this top of mind (ie, by no means literary) piece in my journal this morning. Just my thoughts while sipping coffee at 6am. After a brief Facebook conversation, I decided to post with photos.

I look out the windows
And can no longer see
the trees, the driveway
Only snow piled high
Dark shadows

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Do you ever wonder if you’re doing enough?

I stopped teaching yoga because I didn’t think it was enough.

I stopped teaching presentation skills because I didn’t think it was enough.

I stopped other projects because I didn’t think they were making enough money.

Last November I had the opportunity to spend a few days at Kripalu, a yoga and wellness retreat center in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. (If you are looking for A-ha moments, I highly recommend the Kripalu experience!)

During one of the programs, a teacher shared the following quote:

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