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Before my session with Stacey I knew my programs had value, but I wasn’t sure how to price and communicate them. Working with Stacey helped me get clarity around the different services I offered. We brainstormed, created a list of services and then priced them accordingly. After that, when a prospective client asked for my fees, I could state the price confidently. This led to more people signing up for my programs.

Stacey helps you get to the heart of the matter. She knows the right questions to ask and then develops a plan to get you where you want to go. She helped me see how helping people live a happier, healthier and more balanced life has real value.

– Kat Ogar, Infinite Health and Wellness

Thank you for all your help! The speech went so well. You started me on the right track, got my thoughts together, and I practiced practiced practiced. I also appreciated the advice you gave me about never leaving the podium before the speaker arrives on stage, and to always thank the speaker appropriately. I let the speakers know in advance of our tight time line, and the meeting flowed smoothly. I felt very confident, a first for me in that environment. Thank you again. Your tips, suggestions and feedback were right on and so appropriate.

– Lindsay R. Personal Trainer and PTA President

I hired Stacey to act as spokesperson for a website marketing video for my aesthetic laser services business. On camera she is beautiful, personable, articulate — just the kind of representation that a growing aesthetics/medspa practice needs. She exhibited all kinds of patience and a wonderful sense of humor during the lengthy shoot, and we had a blast working with her! The feedback that I have gotten from colleagues, prospective clients and current clients clearly proves that Stacey draws in her viewers. She serves as one of my most effective marketing tools.

– Patty Funder, LaserLight Skin Clinic, Norwell, MA

I worked with Stacey to prepare for two different speaking engagements. Stacey helped me work through the direction and content of each speech. Even though we were separated by distance, through a combination of tools including phone, Skype and web video, this worked very well. Stacey has a real knack for bringing out the subtleties that can make the difference between average and great. I couldn’t have asked for more in making this all happen. Stacey is an excellent source for anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills!

– Lance Ekum, IT Manager

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