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  • Feeling stuck in your career, business, or life?
  • Increasingly irritable, frustrated, or overwhelmed by obligations that have left you no time for yourself?
  • Tired of living by others’ beliefs and your own fears?
  • Ready to accomplish more of what you want?

If yes, Stacey Shipman’s signature Move Breathe Explore women’s leadership retreat is designed for you. This one day retreat experience gives professional women and other go-getters tools to recharge, refocus, and reconnect to their inner voice.

The Positive Difference

Stacey brings together a powerful group of presenters and guides for an eclectic mix of communication, leadership, life balance, yoga, writing, and meditation workshops.

Women attend this retreat to increase their personal and professional effectiveness while connecting with like-minded people in a relaxed setting. Attendees walk away feel refreshed and equipped with knowledge and tools to:

  • Reduce stress and improve well-being
  • Boost confidence and resilience
  • Attune emotional intelligence and awareness
  • Enhance presence, communication and listening skills
  • Connect to values, beliefs and sense of purpose
  • Gain clarity and focus on next steps
  • Tap into potential and personal power
  • Increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Live and work better

Click here to grab your early bird ticket for January 21, 2017!

What to Expect

You won’t find any Power Point presentations or exhibitor booths. The day features multi-disciplinary sessions on movement, mindfulness, and creative-expression. You are encouraged to dress in active-wear and be ready to move your body and mind.

Sessions may include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Movement and dance
  • Creative writing and art
  • Discovering “what’s next” in your career or life
  • Confidence-building activities
  • Communication and leadership skills
  • Life balance and boundary-setting
  • And more!

Take the Next Step

  • Book a retreat. Meeting and event planners: Bring the Women’s Leadership Retreat to your organization or community! Contact Stacey to learn more.
  • Present at the Retreat. Personal development experts: Talk to Stacey about leading a talk or workshop at the retreat. It’s a great way to boost visibility for your business.

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What People Are Saying About the Women’s Leadership Retreat

Sample: January 2016 guides and presenters

Sample: January 2016 program session descriptions

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WOW! “Treat your body like it’s someone’s you love”, ” Lean in” , “Loosen your grip”, “What Went Well (www)”… and so many more. For the last two nights my little boy has fallen asleep to some meditative practices I learned at Move Breathe Explore. I feel better and my sisters and best friend shared an event together that we will never forget. I made some new friends and was just so happy to be a part of Saturday. Thank you for organizing. – K. Howard, South Shore Hospital

*  *  *

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I wanted to let you know that I had a great time at Move Breathe Explore on Saturday. I learned a lot, relaxed a lot, and met some wonderful women!  Everything about the event was great, i.e. very organized, talented and compassionate instructors, and a great introduction by you! I can’t believe this was your first large event! I’m sure I speak for a lot of women, but I do hope you do this again. I will definitely spread the word.

– P. Courtney, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

mom & pat

What a beautiful day! The AMAZING ladies I met and fellow presenters inspired me in so many ways! I am so grateful for all that transpired today. Can we do this again NEXT weekend? – J. Woods-Young, Move Breathe Explore presenter

* * *

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  stacey & martha & stacia  stacey speak

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Click here to grab your early bird ticket for January 21, 2017!


To my Uncle Ron who taught me how to lean in to resistance and loosen my grip.

To my mother-in-law Barbara who left behind a legacy of making sure she, “Never left her dreams in her pocket”.

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