Presentation Skills Training

Imagine if you or your employees could…

  • Stacey Shipman SpeakingBe seen as competent, credible experts
  • Strengthen client and employee relationships
  • Increase your influence and impact

Communication is at the heart of everything we do in business. Whether you want to give a succinct sales pitch, boost fundraising efforts, deliver confident presentations, or feel more comfortable at networking events, how you present yourself and your ideas makes a difference in your ability to connect with and influence others.

Presentation skills training programs focus on three key areas of effective communication and presentations:

  • Presence: Feel and appear confident when presenting
  • Message: Tell their story in a clear, compelling way
  • Delivery: Establish audience trust

Presentation Skills Training has helped…

  • Executives articulate their vision
  • Sales professionals deliver succinct sales presentations
  • Experts communicate their ideas
  • Business owners communicate the value of their programs and services
  • Nonprofits boost fundraising efforts
  • Nervous speakers become confident communicators


My goal is to create an environment that brings out the best in people and their ideas. As a facilitator, my role is to ask questions and provide insights that challenge participants to experiment and expand their communication and presentation skills.

As a participant, your role is to participate fully and be open to providing and receiving feedback, stepping outside your comfort zone, challenging the status quo, expanding your range, and doing the work.

In addition, group programs are designed to strengthen the dynamics of your team.

Presentation Skills Training is available as:

  • Group Workshops. Half, full, and multi-week programs for small groups.
  • One-to-One coaching. Short and long terms coaching programs available.
  • Open enrollment courses. Coming fall 2016. Contact Stacey for more details.

Ready to Nail Your Next Presentation?

Presentation skills training is available in the Boston Massachusetts area and nationally. Contact me by phone 617.548.5877 or email to learn more or to schedule a presentation skills training program for your group.

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